Workshop: unknown

Pomeranian faience; clay, turning on a wheel, manual processing, glazing, painting on raw glaze with cobalt and manganese compounds, multiple firing.

Dimensions: diameter 35 cm

Provenance: Royal Prussia, Stolzenberg?

A wall plate, round, decorated with an image of a woman dressed in a long, puffed dress, standing en face between tall flowers and holding a twig in her right hand. The motif of a stylized trefoil (palmette?) Repeated 10 times on the plate’s collar with numerous hatching inside and outside of these forms. The back of the plate was not glazed.

In 1929, Waldemar Heym bought a plate from the so-called Pomeranian faience from the famous Gdańsk collection of the merchant Friedrich Basner (1869–1934) from Sopot. It is not known whether Heym was bought at an auction at Rudolf Lepke in Berlin on November 16-19, 1929, or directly from a collector, because neither in the Berlin catalog, nor in an earlier study of Kunst uns Kunsthandwerk im Hause Basner in Zoppot (1925) this plate was not listed. In the Kwidzyn museum inventory it was recorded under number 1814 with the information that it came from this mentioned collection.


(compiled by Dr. B. Pospieszna)

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