Workshop: unknown

Terracotta; burnt clay, stamping in a matrix, drying, covering the surface of the face with slime clay, firing; dimensions: height 10 cm, length 14.5 cm, depth 6.5 cm

Origin: Netherlands, Antwerp

Full brick in the form of a cuboid. On the frontal surface, there is a depiction of a man riding a saddled horse among the trees, turning left. Decoration developed in low relief and closed with a profiled frame.

The brick is mentioned on page 107 of the Malbork’s inventory of the Lapidarium of the collection of architectural details and it is known that it came from Gdańsk. Apart from the dimensioned drawing, more information about it could not be read due to the card being damaged at this point. An analogous example of a fireplace brick with a similar decoration is known from the collections of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk. The difference between them is that on the brick from the Gdańsk museum, the rider is facing the opposite direction than on the lost Malbork brick. These bricks were used for facing the back walls of fireplaces. They were produced in the Netherlands and shipped to Gdańsk. The most famous were those from the workshops in Antwerp.


(compiled by Dr. B. Pospieszna)

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