Karl Adam Max Jaquet was born in 1836 in Rastenburg (today’s Kętrzyn). He studied medicine in Berlin, gaining a gynecological specialization. Initially, he ran a medical practice, he was also a secret sanitary counselor. In 1904, he gave up his profession and took up his passion for collecting, expanding his private numismatic collection. He played a key role in the establishment of a numismatic office at the Malbork castle. Through the Society for Reconstruction and Beautification of the Malbork Castle, he donated to the castle a collection that had been accumulated over the years. The honorary attitude of the donor was probably related to the appeal to the society issued by the Society in 1892, calling for donations to the castle. Jaquet supported the Society three times. In 1891, he donated about 5,000 items, which is noted in the report from 1890-1893: The collection of about 5,000 items includes 1,800 coins of the German Order – 600 more than the basic history of Vossberg coins – 1,700 coins and East Prussian medals from 1525–1811 until the closing of the mint in Königsberg, and a number of medals from 1811 to the present day, about 550 coins and medals from Gdańsk, 450 from Toruń and 350 from Elbląg, finally a full set of coins and numerous South Prussian medals and a few extremely rare coins from Prussia Królewskie from 1796. The gift from 1902 included 2700 pieces of coins, including numismatic items from East Prussia, also from the cities of Gdańsk, Elbląg and Toruń; Brandenburg and Frederick the Great coins until the founding of the Reich; coins from Pomerania, Silesia, Saxony, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Hanover; There were also rarities in the form of Prussian trial coins from 1812. Among the 650 medals were the issues of Frederick the Great, Frederick William III and his successor – Frederick William IV. These numismatic items were exhibited during the castle dedication ceremony on June 5th 1902. The gift of 1905 was accepted into the collection on the basis of an order of March 7th1906. It included the coins of Frederick William I, the Great Elector, Frederick III, and the numismatic items of the Prussian kings: Frederick I , Frederick William I, Frederick II the Great, Frederick William II and Frederick William III.

The generosity of the founder was appreciated by the Society’s board of directors by granting Jaquet honorary membership in the association. Moreover, on May 6th 1906, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, the Society issued a medal in honor of the patron, which was minted in the workshop of L.Chr. Lauer Gmbh in Nuremberg. The birthday boy received a gold print. The silver and bronze emissions could be purchased at the Lauer factory for the amount of 12.30 and 4.65 marks, respectively. Karl A.M. Jaquet died in Berlin at the age of 76 (1912).

(by J. Czarnowska)

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