unknown author, end of the 16th century

oil on canvas (in 1909 duplicated by A. Fahlberg)

dimensions: 216 x 168 cm

Origin: Löbenicht (Lipnik, the historic district of Königsberg); from 1830 in Malbork (Infirmary at the Middle Castle)

The portrait of the last grand master of the German order (1510-1525) shows an obese man in secular attire, facing right en trois quarts, in a sitting position. Prince Albrecht’s face is pear-shaped, his forehead is high, narrow, his nose is prominent, his eyes close together under the wide arches of his eyebrows. The bottom of the face is lost in lush stubble. A ruffle collar around the neck, a double chain with a pendant or a jewel around the neck. Hands are emerging from the dark background: the right one is resting on the armrest of the armchair, the left one is resting on the knee.

The painting comes from the town hall in Lipnik. In 1830, it was donated to Malbork as a gift, where, after conservation in 1909, until the Second World War, was exhibited in the premises of the Infirmary.

(compiled by E. Witkowicz-Pałka)

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