Two wine jugs, Habanic ceramics (type: Draaser Ware)


Provenance: Romania, Transylvania, Transylvania, the area between the towns: Drăuşeni (German Draas), Agnita (German Agnetheln), Medias (German Mediasch), Sibiu (German Hermannstadt), Sighişoara (German Schäßburg).

Pottery, faience; turning on a wheel, manual processing, glazing, painting with cobalt compounds on raw tin glaze, firing

Measurements: unknown; Presumed height is approx. 32-39 cm, diameter of the spout is approx. 22.4 cm

Two tall, bulky pouring jugs for wine each with one carrying ear. Decorated with painted, blue-cobalt motifs of tulip bouquets, surrounded by a stylized turbinate ornament. On the necks and at the base of the vessels there is a white and blue checkerboard pattern characteristic of the ornamentation of the vessels from Drăuşeni. One of them has an incomplete date “18 [..]” on the shoulder. Conrad Steinbrecht placed these jars in the space of the so-called The Dignitaries’ Chambers at the High Castle, in their residential part.

Source: MBj. 1903, photo 8, 9, 14.

(compiled by Dr. B. Pospieszna)

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