author: Bartłomiej Pens, ca.1639

technique: oil painting on five vertical boards joined together on the reverse, carved baroque frame from 1675 (partially preserved)

measurements: 159.5 x 117–120 cm

It is assumed that the painting was created in 1639 on the basis of the late-medieval prototype from around 1430. Its founder is Piotr Steno, the royal secretary mentioned in the inscription and the author is Bartłomiej Pens, working for the Jesuits. The prototype was intended for the chapel at St. Mary’s Gate, but after the so-called “Second war with Sweden” (1655-1660) it was transferred to the church in the High Castle, where it remained until the 1880s in the main baroque altar. Later, it was kept in the chapel of St. Catherine in the Palace of the Grand Masters (presence confirmed on a postcard from 1918). Probably in the 20s or 30s of the last century, Conrad Steinbrecht placed it on the southern wall of the Church of Our Lady in the High Castle. World War II found it there. Further history remains unknown.

(compiled by E. Witkowicz-Pałka)



As a result of inquiries carried out in the Central Military Archives in Warsaw, we obtained information that fragments of the painting and the silver appliqué were found during the removal of rubble from the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the High Castle in Malbork at the end of January 1950. The fragments were secured by the then administration of the castle, their fate remains unknown.

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