Author unknown, 3rd quarter of 17th century

Technique: oil on canvas, black vintage wooden frame.

Dimensions: 231 x 176 cm

Origin: Löbenicht; from 1830 in Malbork (High Castle).

The Grand Elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Prussia from 1640, was portrayed en pied in the interior against the background of a landscape outside the window. The Elector stands in front of the viewer, wearing a long red coat, with the regiment in his right hand (details we owe to B. Schmid’s account). On the right, a visible fragment of the table, on which he is supporting himself with his left hand, touching the hat placed on the table.

The painting probably comes from the town hall in Löbenicht, destroyed in 1754, from where it was brought to Malbork in 1830 and until the Second World War it was kept in the attic in the eastern wing of the High Castle.

(compiled by E. Witkowicz-Pałka)

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