unknown author, end of the 17th century

oil on canvas, wooden, black period frame

Measurements: 240 x 141 cm

On the reverse, the inscription: Conventus et Ecclesiae Thorunen. Ord. Praed. S. Nicolai Founder of Anno 1263

The painting came from the church of St. Nicholas in Toruń. In 1827, it was transported to Malbork, where, until the 2nd World War, it stored in the Low Hall of the Palace of the Grand Masters. Image known from lithography (drawing by Johann Heinrich Hoorn (1788-1836), by A von Schamberg, published by A. Rahnke, printed by E. Prescher 1834) showing the view of the High Vestibule in the Palace of the Grand Masters towards the west. The history of the painting and the other 3 images of the great masters from the Carthusian Monastery near Gdańsk, donated in 1824 to the castle’s collection by Theodor von Schön, the president of East Prussia, remain unknown. The fourth painting of Conrad von Jungingen is currently in the collection of the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.

(compiled by E. Witkowicz-Pałka)

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