Charles Amadé Vanloo (?), Circa 1760

Technique: oil on canvas, oval rococo frame, gilded with a laurel leaves motif.

(in 1892 the painting was renovated and duplicated by Bianconi).

Measurements: 60 x 49 cm (framed: 84 x 66 cm).

Origin: collection of Baron von Noddgerie zu Pfefferkorn; from 1834 in Malbork (Palace of the Grand Masters).

Prussian King Frederick II the Great in bust side view, turned en trois quarts to the right. Long, serious face, hair curled at ear level. Dressed in a dark blue civilian coat with a high collar. There is a font visible around the neck. Behind the monarch’s back is a fragment of a crown and probably a scepter. Smooth background, slightly lighter than the dark silhouette of the portrayed man.

On the reverse, there is an appropriate information drawn up by Steinbrecht on November 21, 1892, confirming that the painting comes from the collection of Baron Pfefferkorn. In 1834, it was handed over to the Malbork Castle, where it was kept in the southern room of the ground floor of the Grand Masters Palace.

(compiled by E. Witkowicz-Pałka)

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