Author unknown, 2nd half of the 17th century

Technique: oil on canvas, period wooden frame.

Measurements: 58 x 38 cm

Origin: Kartuzy (Carthusian monastery); from 1824 in Malbork (Infirmary at the Middle Castle).

The portrait shows the Grand Master of the Order (1391–1393) frontally, en pied, in parade armor witha white cloak is thrown over it. In his right hand, Wallenrod holds a sword raised up, the left, lowered down, supports a large shield with the coat of arms of the German Order.

The painting comes from the Carthusian monastery in Kartuzy, from where in June 1824 it was brought to Malbork by the president of West Prussia, Th. von Schöna and exhibited in the local Infirmary at the Middle Castle.

(compiled by E. Witkowicz-Pałka)

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