Constantin Quartier, Gdańsk, after 1724

Wood, silver sheet, semi-precious stones, velvet; woodcarving, repoussé and engraving, polishing, embroidery.

Measurements unknown (the object was lost during World War II).

The saddle came from the collection of Richard Zschill in Grossenhein, purchased in March 1900 at the Lepke Auction in Berlin for 1550 Deutsche Mark and included in the collection at the Malbork Castle.

Saddle with a high front pommel and a low rear, rounded pommel, forged with a silver plate with engraving; seat and flaps covered with velvet fabric; richly decorated. Silver sheet decorated with a floral flagellum motif and three large semi-precious stones framed in the form of cabochons and a dozen or so small “stones” in bejeweled bindings. The seat is covered with an embroidered pillow, the tree is covered with fabric panels covered with embroidered fabric and, similar to the pillow, decorated with oriental floral and palmette motifs.


(compiled by A.R. Chodyński)

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